Friday, April 6, 2012

Washer Anti-Vibration Pads VIBRAFIX best deal

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  Product Features
Premium washing machine anti-vibration pads
Very good vibration absorbing abilities
High coefficient of friction - to prevent skidding
Hard rubber (high durometer) - to make machine more stable
Perfectly sized - not too big or to small to compromise performance

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  Product Description
Genuine VIBRAFIX pads are one of the best washing machine anti-vibration solutions on the market. You will not be disappointed! If this product does not fix or reduce the vibration issue, maybe it is time for a new washer. This product is made out of special rubber blend that has among the highest coefficient of friction in the rubber family which will prevent any "walking" or skidding of your washer. If "walking" of washer is your main problem we highly recommended purchasing the Super Anchor Liner Discs that will keep the VIBRAFIX pads and your appliances locked in place for good. To purchase Anchor Discs click on ENJ Products, LLC. VIBRAFIX pads are 3 inches in diameter and 1 inch thick. They are black in color and come in set of four. In the middle they have indentation for machine feet. This indentation is universal in size and will work with most size and brands. The pads will also absorb any dryer vibration, so DON'T FORGET to buy an additional set of VIBRAFIX pads for your drier to keep your appliances at the same height. NOTE: PLEASE FOLLLOW INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDING WASHER LEVELING!

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