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Haier GWT450AW 3.6 Cubic Foot Super Capacity Washer, White top price

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  Product Features
3.6 Cu. Ft. Tub Size
7 Wash Cycles
Electrical-Rotary Controls
Stainless Steel Tub
Pulsator Wash System

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  Product Description Product Description
From the Manufacturer

Haier Encore GWT450AW Super Capacity Washer

Haier's 3-3/5 cubic-foot super capacity top load washer is your helping hand for cleaner clothes and efficient wash cycles. Housed in a corrosion resistant steel cabinet, a stainless steel tub uses a pulsating wash system that gently washes clothes without the tangling and pulling that can occur with agitator washers. On the outside you'll find easy to use controls that include seven wash cycle selections.

Energy Star Compliant

The Encore 3-3/5 cubic-foot washer is ENERGY STAR® qualified and uses less water and energy than traditional washing machines. The Encore has been designed to take advantage of High-Efficiency detergent, like Tide HE, to clean your clothes. The Encore uses about 24 gallons of water per average load, while traditional washers use over 40 gallons.

Encore Design Features

Encore Design
We modernized the appliance from the outside in. Instead of the traditional square design, the edges are curved. By redesigning the cabinet molding and the console, we have added a large inset handle to ease opening and closing the lid.

The floating tub system uses saline solution in the tub ring to help keep loads balanced. The system can effectively handle large and heavy loads to maintain a quiet and uninterrupted spin cycle. Haier's unique damping suspension system acts as a shock absorber. All of this works together to counteract the weight of your laundry and prevent the washtub from hitting the inside of the cabinet.

The Inside Action

Water Saving
This high-efficiency model features a stainless steel washtub and concave shaped pulsator with fins at the bottom of the tub. The pulsator works to create a turbulent wash action. The powerful wash action is coupled with shower rinse technology to provide superior wash results to that of traditional agitator washers. All of this with less energy and less water.

The pulsator wash creates an environment of low abrasion. Less twisting and tangling is overall better for clothing, especially delicates. This system keeps clothes moving rapidly, not intertwined, which washes the clothes more evenly. The fins on the tub and the pulsators help to circulate loads top to bottom, which minimizes wear and tear on clothing. This helps to obtain an optimum washing performance; and a washer that is gentle on clothes means they will look better, last longer, and maintain their shape. Along with the operation, Encore allows your clothes to get stunningly clean.

Options, Choices, Selections

Create the best wash program for your wash load by selecting from the seven wash cycles. You can fine tune the default options by choosing from 4 load sizes, and 3 wash temperatures. Follow the status of your wash from pre-wash to End with the illuminated cycle progress indicators. The built-in bleach dispenser, located underneath the lid, is perfect for making those whites extra white. There is also a fabric softener dispenser to keep your clothes feeling fresh and new. All of cycles and options available on your new washing machine are listed below. With a wide range of options, you have the freedom to control how your clothes are washed.
Euromonitor International named Haier the number one laundry brand in the world.Haier focuses on making the laundry experience easier and better than ever before. With more options, features and energy and water saving settings, Haier knows that not every load is created equal. From full size, extra large capacity drums, to space-saving portable laundry, Haier has the washer and dryer to meet your needs.

7 Wash Cycles 4 Load Sizes 3 Wash/Rinse Temps Options What's in the Box? Product Features
Heavy Duty
Wash Only
Spin Only
Washing Machine
Drain Hose, clamp and hook
Hot and Cold Water Inlet Hoses
Use and Care Manual
Warranty Card
Energy Guide
ENERGY STAR® Qualified
3-3/5 cubic-foot Capacity
Stainless Steel Drum
Pulsator Wash System
650 RPM Max Spin Speed
Bleach Dispenser
Electronic Control
Seven Wash Cycles
Four Load Sizes
Three Wash/Rinse Temperatures
End-of-Cycle Signal
Unit Dimensions (width by depth by height): 27 by 27 by 43-1/2 inches
Unit Weight: 130 pounds

Carton Dimensions (width by depth by height): 30 by 30 by 47-1/2 inches
Shipping Weight: 148 pounds

Washing Machine

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